Food substitutes

What to replace animal products with?

For several years now, our consumption of meat has increased considerably. In many households, meat is present at lunch and dinner, is it really without consequence on our health? Do we need so much protein intake?

Nutritionistsagree that we eat too much meat. Yes, proteins are essential and contribute to the proper functioning of our body. In recent times we have largely exaggerated the quantities of meat ingested but also on animal products (yogurt, milk, cheese etc.).
So what food substitutes should we use in our favorite recipes?

There are several reasons that can push us towards a "healthier" plant-based diet, whether for economic or ecological reasons or, of course, to fight against animal violence.

It is not always easy to find ways to replace certain animal products in our recipes when we are not used to them, so if you are looking for vegan alternatives, you are at the right place.

Replacing meat products


These days supermarkets offer a wide range of substitutes, sausages, steaks, vegan deli meats and many others to name but a few.

At Bergamott we prefer to opt for less processed versions such as tofu, tempeh or soy protein. We have not mentioned seitan (made from wheat) simply because we try to offer allergen free alternatives, in this case gluten free.

Legumes have their role to play, not only are they rich in protein, but they are also good for your health. Have you ever tasted a red bean steak?

Vegetable milks and creams

un verre de lait végétal

Although soy milk is a big hit, there are many other alternatives that are less controversial on the issue of hormones. Take the opportunity to discover other flavors, you have the choice of almond, coconut, oat or rice milk or cream... you even have calcium-enriched versions, try to choose the sugar-free version.


Butter is quite easy to substitute, replace it with vegetable oil, margarine (the latter is more processed) and oilseed puree will also work very well.

And eggs

More than present in our kitchen and in many recipes, people often scratch their heads when it comes to replacing them. However, there are many ways to substitute them.
Egg whites can be replaced by aquafaba, which is the juice of chickpeas.

In cakes, eggs can be used to add softness, compote, mashed banana and even grated zucchini will do the job.
If a recipe calls for a single egg, it is certainly not necessary to the recipe.

For your quiches or pies, a mixture of vegetable cream and chickpea flour or starch will do the trick. Silken tofu can also be used for this purpose. It will be useful for the realization of vegetable omelette. Flax or chia seeds diluted in water will act as a binder in your recipes.

Oilseed puree (hazelnut, cashew...) will replace egg yolks. But this alternative is valid if you are not allergic of course

There are egg powder substitutes on the market, but here again we prefer to opt for an unprocessed version.

You want to brown your pastries? A sweetened vegetable milk or a maple or agave syrup and that's it.

Good to know that cakes without eggs don't rise as well, the little trick is to lower the oven temperature by 10 to 20 °Celsius and add a little more flour.

Don't forget that it is important to eat a balanced diet when eating vegan and to pay attention to the nutritional intake in order not to have any deficiency.