January the month of white

Why is January the month of white?

Typical French tradition, the month of January marks before the sales, the big sale of household linen otherwise known as white! But why January? Is there a specific reason? Is it due to a mysterious custom? We will see that behind this fuss is actually a much more down to earth story. Although we would lend him two origins, but let's see it more closely.
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Why January?

The most popular story is that of a beautiful marketing strategy that is over 150 years old.

The man behind this stroke of genius, who is considered the precursor of marketing, is Aristide Boucicaut. A pioneer of modern-day commerce. He was at the head of the Au Bon Marché business, desperate to see the stalls empty after Christmas, he decided to fill them with his stocks of white linen only and this for a week. It was a real commercial success and the concept was taken up by other stores. The following year the week was extended to a month and January was named the month of white.

Wink to a royalist!

During the French Revolution, a young royalist Henri de la Rochejaquelein wore three white handkerchiefs from Cholet, the city was already known for its textile factories at the time. During these bloody battles the white handkerchiefs were stained with blood. After more than a century, the singer Théodore Botrel composed "le mouchoir rouge de Cholet". The city's manufacturers took the song as their anthem and made a red and white handkerchief, which is still produced.

The white being the color of the royalists and the red to mark the beheading of King Louis XVI which took place in January. Here is a double reference to the monarchy.

Nowadays the month of the white is always present but it has evolved since the linen in promotion is not only white but also of colors and includes the bedding, quilts, pillows...

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