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Limescale is naturally present in water

A water will be more or less calcareous, according to the grounds it has crossed since its source. If drinking water rich in limestone does not pose a major health problem, it is more aggressive for the skin and hair. Moreover, it clogs and deteriorates boilers, washing machines and pipes, and leaves scale deposits on taps, sinks, doors and shower hinges.
Disgraceful, and tenacious!
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What problems does hard water cause?

Water is said to be 'soft' or 'hard' depending on the density of calcium or magnesium salts it contains: 'soft' water contains little limestone, while 'hard' or 'very hard' water contains a lot.
This rate depends on the land it has travelled through and there are therefore strong disparities between French regions: 'soft' water in Brittany, Corsica, Auvergne or in the Midi-Pyrénées, 'hard' to 'very hard' water, particularly in Ile-de-France, in the north, in Alsace or in the Rhône-Alpes.

In the house

Whether the water comes out of the tap, or whether you have a borehole or a spring, the water that flows will inexorably deposit scale, and white and hard deposits will form. If the consumption of hard water does not cause any known health problems, the scale deposits will damage your heating appliances as well as your household appliances: kettles, coffee makers, irons, washing machines or dishwashers will see their life span reduced.
The more the water is heated, the faster the scaling, the longer the life of your boiler or your hot water tank will suffer, as well as your wallet since you will have to change them more often. Moreover, hard water decreases the efficiency of classic detergents: over time your dishes or clothes are less well washed. We will then tend to add more detergent to compensate, with the ecological consequences that we know.

And the body...

Limescale also affects your skin, hair and all the tissues in your body with which water comes into contact. Read more in our wellness blog soon!


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Anti-Limescale Cleaning Potion


  • 15fl oz bottle


  • 6,5fl oz white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • ½ lemon juice


10 drops of essential oil (tea tree or lemon for example)

The Limescale Remover Potion is the third potion in our Home Care Essentials.
It is ideal for your toilets, faucets, bathroom and kitchen.

How to

Be careful, we're going piano-piano!

  1. Pour the baking soda into your bottle,
  2. then the water
  3. Then white vinegar
  4. Finally add the lemon juice and gently shake the closed bottle.

As mentioned above, the addition of essential oil is optional, even though the two examples mentioned above act on a broad antibacterial, fungal and sanitizing spectrum.


Almost identical to the Multi-Purpose Potion, we start with a complete cleaning of all surfaces and complete with baking soda to finish with the faucets.
One bottle, 3 economical and natural ingredients to clean everything at home, and preserve your health and that of the planet.

Nettoyant anti-calcaire à faire soi-même, écologique et rapide
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