DIY /Wood Potion

Wood needs to be cleaned and nourished

Our potion is adapted to all types of wood.
A single product, natural and economical, in a flash!
une table bois à entretenir avec un produit naturel

We all think of washing our wooden table every day, but much less of cleaning the other wooden surfaces that surround us: stools, furniture, stairs... Yet, these surfaces need to be cleaned to rid them of dust and other dirt, not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but which become embedded in the wood over time. This is also true for waxed wood! It is important to remember that wood is a living material that will deteriorate more quickly if it is not cared for.

Cleaning and nourishing wood is the best way to preserve your furniture for many years

The first step is to clean and/or dust the surface: use a soft cloth, slightly damp if you need to remove stains and rub a little.
For a thorough cleaning, you can moisten your cloth with our Multi-Purpose Lotion, the white vinegar sanitizes the surface without damaging it and gets rid of grease marks.
Avoid detergents that attack the furniture

The second step is to nourish the wood: discover Bergamott Cottage's Wood Care Lotion. Easy to make, inexpensive, and perfectly ecological, it is suitable for all types of wood and can be used once or twice a year, no more.

diy maison éco-responsable

Wood Care Lotion


  • 15fl oz bottle


  • 7fl oz lemon juice
  • 7fl oz olive oil


10 drops of lemon essential oil

A very nourishing lotion for all unvarnished wooden surfaces in your home or on your terrace

How to

Pour a time for time lemon juice and olive oil in your bottle and shake it well

This mixture is preserved but must be shaken before each use because this composition is not miscible.


This solution is very nourishing for the wood, it will clean it gently and is suitable for all types of wood.

It should be applied to a dust-free surface, and renewed once or twice a year at most.

You are now ready to clean your home!

Potion faite maison pour nourrir et nettoyer le bois. Ecologique et économique
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